Education System


Behaving badly

‘Kiwi Leadership for Principals’: After laudable sentiment, the deluge

National: Smoke and mirrors? Part 1

National: Smoke and mirrors? Part 2

Picot now


National standards: a posting I urge you to read

Hattie fails to follow through

Hattie and the Official Information Act: Initial foray

Calculated epiphany now: the partial turning of John Hattie

National standards: a posting I urge you to read 

NZEI calls for ‘boycott’

Outrage in Wellington: Threat to silence teachers and principals

Part A: Truth and morality in academia and how it affects us

Part B: Truth and morality in academia Aotearoa and how it affects us

Response to the two statements

Small school axing threat: Oh no! Not again!

Stories from the front line

The Hattie series Part 1: Eliding on thin ice

The Hattie series Part 2: Eliding on

The Hattie series Part 3: Visible Shipwreck

The real reason why national standards have been ‘delayed’

The time for decisive action is now

To hold to account those who take cheap shots at teachers

NZCER official report on national standards: Tolley’s duplicity

Triumphant unanimity in Far North


Top academic skewers ERO report and the media handling of it

Hattie and Tolley at it again

Great breaking news on national standards

Call for ERO boss to resign and a call to arms

Cynical ploy of Tolley to derail the NZPF campaign

Avoiding national standards: Develop local standards

Alison Gilmore, executive director replies

A minister habituated to a culture of myths, significant silences, distortions, and lies

A huge development against national standards

A cute little group of like-minded quantitatives

I must have been at a different conference

Visible Learning does a disappearing act

Midnight knock on Dunedin’s door

National Standards: Another day – another laugh

National standards: Signposts to a morass

National standards: Signposts to a morass (2)

NEMP gone

NS Monitoring Project: A kick in the teeth

NZEI joining Rocky Horror Advisory Group would be a mistake

NZEI remains staunch

NZPF executive in confusion after dramatic events in Wellington

NZPF Flyer No 10: Words to deceive

Postscript to the urging of NZEI members to say ‘no’

Quick response to NZPF Flyer No 5

Recommendation: Don’t participate in National Standards Monitoring Project

Revolt in ministry

Southland backs Auckland, and spells it out further

Stoop must go: failure to discharge his official and moral duty

Terry Crooks: Mixed message

Terry Crooks replies – An exchange of letters

The great breaking news: Spelling it out

 New Zealand Herald has become the Fox Television of New Zealand media.

Tolley is at it again

Was a pas de deux in the offing?

We have a rogue organisation of state on our hands (as though you didn’t know)

We have been let down

We have won: It is now only ours to lose

Well done that principal: but the Principals Federation falls into serious error

Will the NZPF campaign get it right?


Heroes, totalitarianism, and things

Government tender for rubrics is national testing and Hattie in disguise

ERO comes calling: Now let’s get this clear. The interview will be conducted in any way I want it to be


A letter to Trevor Mallard: Can you be our Moses for a reoriented education system?

Impending NS changes: ORBIT, reducing OTJ to a figment, and expanding NS to all curriculum areas

In desperation for more momentum, I decided to prepare the ideas for presentation to any group that would have me

Incident, 17 February, 2011

Lo! A Mini-Hattie is amongst us: The paper by Brian Hinchco to the NSSAG

May 23, 2011: A brief overview of where we are now

Ministry considering authoritarian post-election moves

More evidence of preparations for a form of national testing

My suggestions for a reoriented education system

National standards: We are doing brilliantly

National testing, and what Tolley, Key, and National have said: it is Testgate

National testing is coming

National: New public policy: Principals to be employed by the ministry: democratic rights snuffed

No Mr Key, it is not how MMP works, it is how you work

Phil Goff – take the advice of Cromwell: In the name of God go!

Post-election thoughts, the possible new minister, our suggested stance, and I think I have cracked the online platform thingy (I name it)

Poster schools and principals

SAPs being turned into goon squads

SAPs put Tomorrow’s Schools on last legs

Some housekeeping: Bruce Hammonds: BTAC: Revolt in ministry

Some more terrific letters

Some very brief advice on the way forward

Superman and being entangled in the government narrative

The Pasifika disgrace

 The sage and the jackass: degradation of education – challenge and furtherance

Tolley fighting for her job

Tolley suckered

Tolley, Whale Oil, NZ Herald, and Mums on Top

Unbelievable but true – the charter and you: I make no further comment

Utterly reliable source: Statutory managers to be allocated to schools on Monday, 21 November

We await the NZEI and NZPF co-ordinated plan

Wednesday was a good day in the fight against NS

When will the testing bubble burst?


How I saw it in 1990

How corrupted is our education system?

From the failure of national testing in Australia to the predicted failure and harmful consequences of PaCT

Treasury: election rort and malice against public schools – complaint to SSC

Bitter and cynical strategy on poverty

All the best for the NZPF Mt Victoria summit – here is my Maungatautari one

Academics take a stand

A pivotal moment in primary education history: are we awake?

A change of emphasis signalled in networkonnet directions: State of the curriculum and the holistic

How John Roughan, editor of a metropolitan newspaper, used his position to set up a big lie

Hubris on their part and let us face it schadenfreude on ours

John Armstrong – charter schools, and fairy tales from the ACT conference

Let us at least do something beautiful with the writing of our children: State of the curriculum and the holistic 3

Liar, liar, pants on fire: Lesley Longstone

Liar, liar, pants on fire: the Nelson speech

Listener: The worst education editorial ever written

Longstone at the Normal School Conference: outrageous behaviour; direct link to Christchurch; her job at risk

Miracle on Swann

National Standards argument is about “self-managing” schools.

Peter Garrett: encouraging signs (a Kiwi perspective)

Reporting on ethnicity: new ministry requirements – the ministry must be a festering swamp

STAR and now e-asTTLe: I now accept the likelihood of a jack-up – enquiry called for

Teacher organisations being drawn in to some kind of acceptance of government policies

Teacher organisations should take these cases to the commissioners

Technology cuts to do with amalgamating intermediates to secondary schools

The class size issue:  riposte from a professor – Wow!

The ministry put the technology policy to middle-management

The New Zealand Academy position paper

The New Zealand Assessment Academy of quantitatives has produced an utterly disgraceful position paper: shame on you

The Novopay debacle should be the clincher for the sacking of Lesley Longstone

The primary teacher  Quackle poodle fiddle quisle diddle

The stain of ideological corruption: hastily written response to ministry paragraph

The teaching figments for excellence, leaving aside one, are seriously damaging to teaching and learning

This posting is close to my heart – encounter: The state of the curriculum and the holistic 2

This posting is close to my heart: a journey starting with Stoop

You are not in Somalia now, Mr Shearer


Horizons, whirlpools, Sartrean secrets, John Hattie and other symptoms of the continuing education tragedy

Education soap opera: One in five: The phrase of our lives

e-asTTle and the whole shambles exposed Part 1

e-asTTle and the whole shambles exposed Part 2

Dumb Whitey

Constructed lying: John Roughan

Charter schools are not about charter schools

Charter schools are …

Bernadette Courtney of the Dominion: Dumb Editor

I feel as if I am watching hyenas at work

 Marlene Campbell needs our urgent support

Numeracy programme

NZPF about to buy into PaCT and national standards: Parata pulls a trick

NZPF playing with PaCT

NZPF position is beyond untenable

Our terrible likely future set out

Outrage at Pembroke

PaCT: the government linchpin for their domination and our misery

Peter Hughes new secretary makes an ass of himself

Salvation close to hand: The four charter schools to the rescue

Teachers Council changes another bucket of muck being dumped on us

Teachers Council changes just another level of managerialist, stifling bureaucracy

The prime minister despises us

The speech we have been waiting for

This is unbelievable

Treasury paper: Bulk funding in senior secondary then to all – a clear and present danger

Tumultuous week ahead

What is Phil Harding up to?

The Listener article is out: Testing Times


Enough! We are in crisis

Education to a new low: skewed survey

Does Phil Harding take you for idiots?

Auckland Festival of Education is a glittering cover for something very ugly

Investing for control: NZEI and NZPF working together, but the alliance is weak and vulnerable

NZEI needs to do some soul-searching: PPTA poised to ditch primary

John Key and his education proposals

Marlene Campbell: the Dreyfus case of New Zealand education

 Phil Harding has it all wrong: we’re being betrayed

Phil Harding at it again

Principals and strangeloving

Salford: furtive meetings in cafes, stays at home, direct involvement of Hekia

Sir Toby Curtis: Bullshit and Puha


Some terrible things have been perpetrated – close to evil

Teachers march for children. Will you be there? I will

This posting represents a tragedy

You are not in Zimbabwe Mr President