Tracey Martin asks the questions and Catherine writes in the Listener

Tracey Martin of New Zealand First did it for children in Question Time yesterday. Labour couldn’t raise the interest, nor could the Greens. As I said in an earlier posting, if the position was reversed, National would have been having a ball. (Is the shared education role working for the Greens?) The teacher organisations, I think, felt out of their depth. As well, no time to be getting off-side with the minister. The point is, it never is. Also, they were possibly thinking about PaCT. But as I said earlier, PaCT is just national standards in another and more destructive form. National Radio sadly no-where to be seen on this one. For all of them, national standards are probably yesterday’s issue. Well it isn’t for teachers and children.

All of them except Tracey Martin in the House, and Catherine Woulfe in the Listener.

 This friendly little introduction is to give the link for Tracey Martin asking her four questions (that was all she was allowed). Hekia Parata was away so Nikki Kaye stumbled about. Absolute rubbish, of course.

As well, this is a sweetener for a posting using OIA material. The OIA material has ministry people talking about e-asTTle and, in the process, unintentionally landing huge blows on the old e-asTTle, the new e-sTTle, the so-called corrected e-asTTle, and by inference rubrics, PaCT, and national standards.

This posting will be up either Thursday or Friday. Please make sure it is widely read.

It absolutely rubbishes Kaye’s rubbish.

As most people know, the ministry went online in the holidays and moved all e-asTTle marks down without informing schools. It doesn’t show in the House but Kaye was flustered when Tracey produced a letter from a school demonstrating that.

I loved it when Tracey asked if the government was going to pull national standards because of the shambles in writing and reading (STAR). Way to go!

I’m not convinced the government won’t get up to dirty tricks with the results: they were supposed to be out this week, but they have been delayed at least 10 days. They have already altered results without authority, why not again?

Two things I want to establish, though, are that neither the grossly inflated marks for e-asTTle nor the solidly inflated for STAR were a conspiracy: they were both, successively, glorious ministry and NZCER cock-ups. The other is how decent, concerned, and honest the ministry people were in discussing e-asTTle. You couldn’t help but like them.

There is no doubt Parata is getting ready for a party with the results, which if she is allowed to get away will cement NS in place.

So listen to the Tracey Martin link, and get ready for the OIA posting.

All the best


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